We have many great items for your pet in our pet store. Stop by the hospital and browse our great selection or visit our online store for an even greater selection of products that can be delivered to your door.

Pet Food

We carry veterinary exclusive wellness pet foods that keep your pet in top notch health as well as foods that help manage many different disease conditions such as dental disease, kidney disease, urinary disease to mention just a few. We also carry highly effective weight management foods for those pets that struggle to maintain a healthy weight.

Wellness Pet Foods – Hill’s Healthy Advantage product line

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The complete Hill’s Prescription Diet product line

These pet foods are the highest quality, scientifically proven pet foods that have been proven to manage and/or treat a large list of disease conditions and improve the quality of our pets’ lives.

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Pet Accessories & Supplies

We carry an extensive line of pet grooming products, collars and leashes and toys. We would be happy to assist you in selecting products that best suit your pet and your lifestyle.


All pets deserve a treat!

We have a selection of healthy, nutritionally balanced treats that you can give your pet in moderation knowing that they taste great, will be enjoyed by your pet and are not junk food! Let us help you pick the best treat (or treats!) for your pet.

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