Nicole Almeida, VA

Nicole has been an animal lover since she was young. She grew up with a strong desire to work at a veterinary hospital and she is finally right where she wanted to be. After graduating from the Veterinary Assistant program at Durham College in 2013 she decided she was going to start volunteering with Oshawa Animal Services and knew right away that working with animals was going to be her career. She is now happier then ever to be a part of our team at Oshawa Animal Hospital. At home, Nicole and her boyfriend Devin have a mini petting zoo as they like to call it. They have two Australian Cattle Dogs named Louie and Merle. Merle is a recent adoptee from Oshawa Animal Services. They also have a Toy Chihuahua named Sadie and a Bearded Dragon named Melvin. Nicole loves spending time with her pets and taking her dogs to the dog park on a weekly basis. She also enjoys hanging out with her family and friends.