Shantelle Pereira, ACA

Shantelle has always had a strong love and bond with animals as she grew up with them her entire life. Being the only child, her family pets always acted like the siblings she never had. Eventually this early exposure to animals led her to a passionate career in animal care and as such she graduated from the Animal Care program offered at Durham College. She has previously volunteered at the Whitby Humane Society specializing with felines and worked for the OSPCA Provincial Education Centre but is now very excited to be working with the team at Oshawa Animal Hospital. She loves animals of all species and breeds and has volunteered abroad in Costa Rica working with large felines, primates and aiding in the conservation of sea turtles. She currently owns a beagle (Bella), kitty (Harley) and a crested gecko (Loki) – while that may seem like a lot she always has her eyes on fostering and adopting rescues or shelter animals. In her spare time she loves to travel and maintain a healthy lifestyle.