Sydney Coggins

For as long as Sydney can remember she has shared a special bond with animals. Sydney grew up in a big family and was surrounded with dogs, birds, fish, lizards, and hamsters. At the early age of 10 she began volunteering as a youth leader. She worked with a local organization that had exotic animals such as monkeys, snakes, camels, kangaroos and many more creatures. This organization assisted children with disabilities through the interaction with the exotics. Her interest in animals led Sydney to a career in the veterinary world and in 2016 Sydney graduated from Durham College with an Animal Care Diploma. She then quickly started her career working at the Toronto Zoo, Toronto Humane Society and now Oshawa Animal Hospital. When not at work Sydney enjoys hanging out with friends, relaxing at the cottage and taking care of her favourite pups Bentley and Kobe and birds Ducky and Little Jay. One day Sydney hopes to own acres of land so she can help rescue animals in need.