• Without wonderful and caring clients, we would not be able to deliver the care we do everyday to people and their pets. We love what we do. If you love what we do please let us know.


    Amanda Ritchie

    We took our little guy in yesterday and we absolutely love it! From the moment we arrived we felt very welcomed, listened to and like our needs truly mattered. We chose Oshawa Animal Hospital after a lot of research and I’m so happy with our choice! Pugsley was a little bit anxious when we got there but the wonderful staff and the amazing vet helped put him at ease in no time. This is officially where we will always be going with any and all of our pets. We will also be recommending this vet to anyone who’s looking for a vet ! 10 out of 10 🐾  Facebook recommendation  May 2019

    They are amazing !! I took my pooch here and from the moment we arrived we felt more then welcomed and comfortable. Our concerns were listened to and all of our questions were answered. I will always be bringing my pets to this vet from now on!  5 star Google review  May 2019


    Diana Lehan-Port

    Excellent staff. They really made the difference in switching over to this vet   5 star Google review  May 2019


    M Jay Thompson

    I am only giving 4 stars because we have had to put down two cats here .. my latest just a couple days ago otherwise you get 5 stars. Pricey yes but honestly you get what you pay for. They have the kindest staff who really respect your animal even after putting them down. They are sad to see animals go but supportive when the animal was pretty sick. Thank you for the kind words on the card you sent afterwards and the follow up phone call.   4 star Google review  May 2019


    Hollis Woods

    Very nice staff. 5 star Google review  April 2019


    SateliteMike DataPro

    Awesome service and treated my kitty like part of the family  5 star Google review  April 2019


    Katie Robertson 

    My husband and I had to put one of our cats down last week. We were met with such compassion from the moment we phoned up to and including today
    where they called to check in on us. The Vets comforted us and made us feel validated we were making the right decision. It wasn’t a great day but to know there are people out there with such great hearts made it a little easier. Thank you for being there for Bella (and us)  Facebook recommendation  March 2019


    Lisa Johnson

    The staff at the OAH are all so caring that you wish you could get that kind of care for yourself. They go above & beyond, check in with you when your animal is being treated for something. They give you options when possible and explain things to you so that you understand exactly what you need to know. My dog absolutely loved going there and getting spoiled with attention. I would definitely recommend them, however be advised that they are a lot more expensive than other practices, but also remember you get what you pay for.  Facebook recommendation  February 2019


    Nikita Alice Trovato 

    I just want to say thank you to the Oshawa Animal Hospital and their staff. Melissa and Dr. Pollock helped my cat Max and never gave up on him. unfortunately today Max had to cross the rainbow bridge he fought as hard as he could and each member of the staff each had a relationship with him, Melissa was present with us and comforted Max with the family and you knew he absolutely loved her. I will forever be greatful for this wonderful team. I will miss coming in every two weeks to grab Max’s food and be greeted with their wonderful smiles. Thank you for everything!  Facebook review  February 2019


    Lesley Scherer

    Friendly staff and amazing Doctors who clearly care about their patients! Facebook review  January 2019


    Katie L

    We first came to them when our dog was unwell, but our vet was unavailable. The receptionist of our original vet referred us to Oshawa Animal Hospital. They helped us and were so nice. Our dog seems to prefer them, so we actually drive in from North York now. The price does tend to run higher than other places, but I think it balances the cost of the facility and staffing for the longer hours. There’s always someone to help you and everything is clean. They’ve always been upfront about prices when I’ve asked, so I would suggest you call ahead and ask if costs are a concern. If it is within your budget though, I would definitely recommend them.  5 star Google review  January 2019


    Kathryn Vandermale

    The staff were amazing when my baby boy, Rocky,  passed away in my arms! He was my everything and they were so good to me and him! Thank you so much! 🐾💙🐾  5 star Facebook review  November 2018


    Brad Fraser

    Such wonderful people…. 5 star Facebook review  September 2018


    Cathie German

    Always positive, even when in doubt. Thank you Dr. Dorland and all the beautiful staff.  5 star Facebook review  September 2018



    This is a first class hospital with a compassionate and friendly staff. Thanks for looking after my pets!  5 star Google review  September 2018


    Liz Bigley

    Extremely friendly and helpful staff.  5 star Google review  August 2018


    John Signer-Romero

    The staff at Oshawa Animal Hospital are professional and extremely caring. They took very good care of us during a difficult time. I can’t imagine going anywhere else.  5 star Google review  August 2018


    Kevin Millman

    Fantastic vet. really cares  5 star Google review  August 2018


    Ilish J Craig 

    Isaac has been a valued patient and member of the Oshawa Animal Hospitals family for a few months now; upon becoming a patient, the staff were (and still are) very friendly, welcoming and communicative. Their pet hotel services are more than accommodating whenever we are in a bind and they’re very knowledgable when it comes to pet care. 10 out of 10 service every time. Highly recommend!  5 star Facebook review  July 2018


    Wendy Chesson

    Awesome we love taking our dogs and cat there  4 star Google review  July 2018



    Friendly staff. Very knowledgeable  5 star Google review  July 2018


    Lorraine Grixti

    They look after my 3 babies with the utmost comfort and care  5 star Google review  June 2018


    Debbie Upton-Corbin

    I want to thank the staff at the Oshawa Animal Hospital for taking care of our dog Johnny while we were recently away on vacation. Johnny stayed at the O’Pet Hotel for one week and was treated amazingly by all the staff. Johnny also attends the Daycare although not every day however everytime he comes to Daycare he is loved and cared for by everyone there. He loves attending Daycare with all of his friends and thoroughly enjoys every opportunity to come and play with his friends. The staff here are the most amazing and everytime we have come into the hospital for check ups, play time or simply just picking up food for our cat “Peepers”, the staff are always welcoming and pleasant and always ask how our pets are doing. I am so happy to have these caring and loving staff taking care of my pets. You can really see that they are not only doing this as a job but because they really do care.

    If you have not had a chance to bring your pets to this Hospital, please do so in future, you will not regret it. Even for Daycare or just to stay in the Pet Hotel, they are truly cared for and we went away for vacation with no worries whatsoever that our pet would not be cared for. The fact that he wants to keep coming back and gets so excited to go, proves it. Love the Oshawa Animal Hospital and I thank all of its wonderful staff and doctors for being there for our pets.  5 star Facebook review  June 2018


    Kotoshi Kaneshige

    They were very patient and understanding. They explained everything to me so I understood what was happening and they are so good with animals. I’m very glad my dog is in their care.  5 star Google review  May 2018


    Connie M

    Staff is very friendly 5 star Google review  May 2018


    Kami Lauriault

    I had to bring my doxie in last summer due to an upset system and I was worried about dehydration and the next being Canada day I wanted to try to avoid an emergency vet visit, and they were amazing and worked with me to stay within my budget. They even phoned a few days later to see how see was doing and sent a card in the mail saying they were happy that she was feeling better! Whether just a one time visit due to your regular vet not being able to get your baby in or looking for a vet I would recommend them!   5 star Google review  May 2018


    Kaitylyn Erickson

    Staff are all super friendly. They always put the best interest of my dog first, and strive to recommend the most affordable options for me. 110% recommend. They really care.   5 star Google review  May 2018


    Stephen Horne

    Staff was great. Place was clean, service was great. 5 star Google review  April 2018

    Andee Kitchen

    This place is always so accommodating and helpful  5 star Google review  April 2018

    Donna Nigh

    I want to thank everyone at OAH for the care and love that was given to Paris when she had her surgery recently. Getting the updates throughout the day was a big help in calming my nerves and the call I received the day after was also much appreciated. I would not hesitate in recommending OAH to anyone who is in need of a veterinarian hospital. Paris also wants to thank Dr. Do for giving her extra cuddles when she was recovering. 

    Dallas Wiatrzyk 

    You cannot beat the people who work here. They care about your pets and will do everything in their power to help. It’s a very friendly environment and I highly recommend!   

    Breanna Decarie 

    I just can’t thank the staff enough. I’ve had the same vet back home in Timmins for all my life/animals, so to change because of moving was really hard for me. Dr Do, Dan and Patricia at the reception desk could not have made me feel any more comfortable. I called my mom on the way home and just raved about you guys! Can’t thank you all enough, Tango also loved you all 

    Beth Geary

    The staff is great. We moved and had an emergency with 1 of our dogs. They treated her so great and they were really great at communicating with me and answering my questions. They have now become our fur family vet.  5 star Google review  March 2018

    Cat Lady11

    This clinic is the most amazing I have ever been to with all of my pets. My cat was recently diagnosed with a serious illness and the entire team was very helpful. Dr. Pollock contacted me frequently through her illness and kept me up to date and always wanted to know how she was doing. The nursing staff was also great in the way they handled my kitty and the way they treated me and my family. Dr. Charlotte Friendship was also helpful when Dr Pollock was away. I highly recommend this clinic and this team!!  5 star Google review  March 2018

    Theresa Watts-Fraser

    Thank you so much for your help with my fur baby. 5 star Facebook review  March 2018

    Nicole Münch

    Thank you for helping our boys through their hard times. Finding out what is wrong with two furry beasts is like finding a needle in a hay stack. You guys are just awesome at what you do! Love Zero and Kratos  5 star Facebook review  March 2018

    Bob Campbell

    The entire staff at Oshawa Animal hospital truly care about the health of the animals they care for. 5 star Google review  March 2018

    Cathy Vaillancourt

    My goodness the doctors and staff truly care. We have been through four or five years of managing Cushings disease with out sweet Kody. We just lost the battle and we have received calls from staff members and flowers and numerous cards from staff and doctors. So kind of them to recognize our loss.  5 star Facebook review  January 2018

    Brad Ste-Croix

    Fantastic caring staff. Who got us in on short notice, to see a veterinarian when we really needed one. Highly recommend them  5 Star Google review   January 2018

    Cindy Crawford

    I want to thank the Doctors and Staff at Oshawa Animal Hospital for the care and love I felt at a very difficult time.
    On Tuesday ( Jan 2018 ) I had noticed that my cat Fluff was sick and I feared the worst. I called many on call doctors and none would see him, or maybe he could come tomorrow one said. I called OAH and was able to bring him in right away. 
    In a quick exam, they discovered my worst fears. Wow… talk about the love and care I felt with them. He was going to have to be put down. 
    All that being done and said….the Doctor was so very tactful and helped me to ease his last moments. 
    She clipped some fur tuffs for me, and they made a footprint in clay. 
    The next day the doctor called my home to inquire my feelings and if I had needed anything. Who does that? 
    I am going to have my other 2 cats become patients of theirs. 
    Bravo. Thank you.   5 star Facebook review  January 2018

    Patsy Campbell-Darbyshire

    We took our dog in with a stick stuck in his mouth. They reacted very quickly to get him sedated to take care of him. They were very gentle and kind with Ryley. He normally gives vets the growl and needs to be muzzled. Not this time. Will definitely go back. Thank you   5 star Facebook review  January 2018

    Andrew D’Aguiar

    Fantastic experience, they really took care of my dog in a very timely fashion. There extended hours were very convenient when I needed emergency help with my dog.  5 Star Google review   January 2018

    Lorraine Grixti

    This hospital is amazing. The staff are caring and they listen to you. The care of animals is impeccable. My Mimi is being cared for so much that I am switching vets. I can’t praise this facility enough. I highly recommend this place to anyone.  5 Star Google review  January 2018

    Felicea Cea Nobile

    Thank you for taking such good care of my little man MIRO the dedication and compassion you all show is greatly appreciated I can’t even imagine to know how muxh work it is to care for these dogs both in daycare and medically I just want you all to know how much I appreciate it and when I leave my guy with you I know he’s in good hands keep up the fantastic work  5 star Facebook review  December 2017

    Daleus Maximus

    They are very helpful. Always great with my cats. 5 Star Google review December 2017

    Ray Amirnia

    Oshawa Animal Hospital has the most friendly staff. I would recommend their service to anyone in the community. I spoke to Anna a VA who went above and beyond for me today. Thank you Oshawa Animal hospital, Anna, Meghan, all the rest of the knowledgeable and friendly staff. 5 Star Google review December 2017

    Kate MJ

    I brought my cat in this past Saturday with a urinary blockage. The clinic examined him and told me what needed to be don to treat him. They said that they were closing soon so he would need to go to the emergency clinic. They said they would call the emergency clinic and let them know the situation. At first they were not going to charge me for my visit because I was just going to have to take my cat to the emergency clinic . They ended up coordinating with the emergency clinic and were able to start treatment before I personally transferred my cat to the emergency clinic. They gave me a quote for the treatment that he was to receive there and it ended up costing less than the quote. They again called the emergency clinic on my behalf for them to expect my arrival at the emergency clinic. This Clinic was a pleasure to deal with during a very unpleasant time for my kitty   5 star Facebook review  October 2017

    Abbie Karma

     Last week I had my little pup in there for exam. I’ve never had such great service. 5 Star Google review October 2017


    We received the following letter from a hotel guest after her recent stays at The ‘O’ Pet Hotel. What a pleasure to receive!!

    Dear: The ‘O’ Team

    This is Abigail and I asked my mom to write this note to you from me. I stayed this summer three separate weeks at the ‘O’ Pet Hotel and it was wonderful. I want to thank you for your amazing care and how well you looked after me. I know I’m a senior now (15) and need extra care and Mom told me that I was in the best of care and that she wouldn’t leave me with anyone else. Mom told me what stands out the most for her from all the Doctors and staff, ‘oh yes’, they’re very friendly and give you all the time you need but the sensitivity given to the needs of my wellbeing. Thank you for caring how I feel and always knowing what I need and not hesitating to make me feel comfortable. I miss  my mom and dad when they go away but I miss you guys even more when I have to leave (don’t tell my mom that). I just can’t explain in words how grateful I am for the excellent care. Mom said you guys are the best and I agree.

    Lots of hugs and kisses, Love Abby  xxx ooo

    September 2017

    This past Friday, in the very early hours, our beloved Cali developed a blood clot that paralyzed her hind end. As I work across from the clinic I knew that it was open early and my husband called hoping to be seen quickly. We were told to bring Cali in immediately. From the moment we walked in the door until the moment we left we were treated with such kindness. As it turned out our precious pet had developed a condition that she would not recover from and the decision was made to euthanize. They were so gentle with her, and explained every step to us. We were taken to a lovely, quiet room to spend our last moments together. I was able to hold her and comfort her as we said our goodbyes. The vet and technician were very respectful of our grief and gave us all the time we needed. We were able to leave privately through a side door. I am grateful for the level of respect and care Cali received. Thank you so much   5 star Facebook review  October 2017

    Deb Baird 

    So thankful for Dr. Do, Kim, Megan and the rest of the staff who were available last night to help our puppy, Quincy. He had an allergic reaction to a vaccine he received earlier in the day and I showed up 10 minutes before closing time. They were just wonderful with Quincy, and truly cared about him and took the time to explain to me everything that was happening. I am happy to report that the swelling diminished significantly, and he is back to his happy self! Thank you so much.  5 Star Google review September 2017


    Lesley Scherer


    I LOVE the staff here! Always super nice, love the clients (pets) and they don’t pressure you to buy extras  5 Star Google review September 2017


    Ashley Fulton


    Amazing staff and amazing service! My husband and I were moving from Hamilton to Montreal with our little fur baby Zoey. Zoey is a 3 year old kitty. My husband was transferred to a new job and we had 24 hours to pack and move. We had flew with her before and she was fine so we figured she would be okay for the ride. 25min into the trip she began to pant and drool intensely, she began to shake, vomit and sweat. We continued to drive hoping it would pass. We tried stopping a few times but she was getting worse. We couldn’t bare to go on any longer seeing her in pain and stopped by the nearest clinic which happened to be Oshawa Animal Hospital. Tired and drained we arrived to the clinic, the first words were please help and we explained the situation. The ladies at the front were very compassionate. They took Zoey and said we will go clean her up and try to calm her down. Dr Randy was amazing. She helped to find the best solution to calm her nerves at the most affordable cost. They kept her for an hour to treat her and keep her at ease. While we waited the woman at the front desk brought us coffee as she knew we were both worried and stressed. They brought Zoey out and gave us a new kennel free of charge for her to travel in so she would have more space and room to help keep her stay comfortable . Dr Randy even called us when she finished work to ensure she was okay and then once again the next day. HANDS DOWN this is the best service we have ever received for treating our little fur baby. If you want a clinic that is passionate about what they do and care about both fur babies and parents then this is the place for you. I am so grateful for all of their help and their big hearts. Thank you to Dr Randy and the incredible staff for helping us in a time of need. Zoey was calm for the rest of the trip and is cuddled up to me purring, back to her normal self as I type this. Thank you again <3 Ashley, Xavier & Zoey  5 Star Google review September 2017


    Vince Lefaive

    Our heartfelt thanks to Dr.Do, Megan and all the staff that went above and beyond during end of life care for Ivy, our beloved huntress, loyal companion and unconditional protector. This is a premium facility with excellent staff, thank you again. 5 Star Google review September 2017



    Carmen Doucette 

    Amazing staff! Very friendly, compassionate, and welcoming animal lovers. Tyson thanks you for your help!! 5 star Facebook review   August 2017


    Barb Bowman Piwerka 

    These wonderful folks also provide the best daycare around! They truly love their jobs! You can watch your fur baby in daycare on line and see the fun they are having! Thanks for looking after my Grand Puppy Gandalf when I could not. Facebook comment July 2017


    Jane McFarlane

    Honest caring and compassion from all Dr.’s and staff. The best and only care for our Sadie girl.   5 star Facebook review   July 2017


    Nicholas Hylton

    Excellent clinic! The staff really cares about you and your pet.  5 star Google review   July 2017


    Leah Christopher

    We had to put our 19yr old cat Primus down last night and as hard as it was on us the staff at this hospital just made the experience so comfortable…..the room was accessible from the parking lot so we didn’t have to go through the main lobby and we weren’t rushed with saying goodbye to Primus, they treated us so wonderfully and gave our cat such care for the past year and a half and when it came time they ensured us we were doing what was best…..even though our heart aches and we are missing our beloved pet he truly couldn’t have passed in a better place filled with such wonderful people   5 star Facebook review   July 2017


    Julie Dutkowski

    Personal, caring attitude for your pet.  5 star Google review   June 2017


    Genius’ Parents

    The best staff ever!! I brought in our new member of the family, Felix. They were most curtious to us, informative and professional. Thanks!  5 star Google review   June 2017


    Scott Clark

    Dog training class was informative and the staff were friendly and helpful.  Google review   June 2017



    Catherine M

    My dog came in today and got a shampoo/ bubble bath, massage and paw-decure! He was treated so great and so was I! He had a really great time, fell asleep during his massage lol. I’m coming back again cus he had such a great day!  5 star Facebook review   May 2017


    Joanne Crocker 

    You can tell the staff love all the animals…. I highly recommend this clinic for your precious pets. 5 star Facebook review   May 2017

    5 starScheshawna Lemaire 

    Scheshawna Lemaire

    What an incredible group of caregivers. Rescued our kitten, Sargent when he was just 4 wks old. Had some concerns within the first week. Called up, took him in just under an hour.  We returned for Sargent’s “1st Kitten Visit” (first round of boosters) just a week ago. He loved playing with the ladies in the waiting area and in the exam room. Sargent didn’t take well to his booster the next day. Called…. he was in within this hour.

    Wouldn’t go anywhere else. The care the staff gives it as if our little “fur babies” were theirs 5 star Facebook review   May 2017


    Brianna Stoneburg

    I had to bring my hedgehog in on Saturday and unfortunately he had to be put down that day. I was so amazed and impressed at how they comforted me at such an emotional time. They even followed up with me on the Monday to make sure I was ok! Thank you to Dr Carlton and Megan S for taking such good care of my Dallas and I’m so happy he was in such good hands! � 5 star Facebook review   May 2017


    Nicole G

    They are fantastic with my pets!  5 star Google review   April 2017


    Mel Bee 

    Amazing doctors and staff – my dog has loved going there ever since he was a puppy! 5 star Facebook review   April 2017


    Allison Kimberly Cruz 

    Always 5 star service and experience every time I visit with my puppy Lulu! Makes a difference especially for first time dog owner! 5 star Facebook review   April 2017

    Heather Snoxall 

    Staff are caring, constantly aware, of what is going on in your pets routine. There is great communication and always a welcoming smile. The pet hotel and day care are a fun and safe place for dogs to interact and socialize with other dog.5 star Facebook review   March 2017


    Amanda Dean 

    I am a first time pet owner and want the best for my puppy. I checked for highest rating and called around. From the minute they answered the phone I knew we had found our home. So informative and so loving. I felt as if I were speaking to a family member who shared my excitement and love for our Dottie. Upon arrival everyone working quickly came to say hello and greet us and Dottie with open arms. I especially loved that they gave my 6 year old son attention and asked him to help walk her over to be weighed. It was very important that he felt that attention as well. Once in the room with the vet all my concerns and questions were answered. Dottie was checked over and had her needles to which she didn’t even realize she was getting them and she was spoiled with love and treats! I highly recommend the Oshawa Animal Hospital! We are proud to be part of their family!  5 star Facebook review   March 2017



    Amanda Lamers

    Staff at OAH are awesome! They show as much love to the pets as their owners who bring them in… makes you feel comfortable you’re leaving them in good hands. They truly care about the animals they provide care to and I definitely trust them with mine!  5 star Facebook review   March 2017



    Johnny Stavrou 

    My experience at the Oshawa Animal Hospital has always been wonderful. I’ve been with them for the last two years and I won’t go to another veterinarian. The doctors have been incredibly supportive during stressful times, and the vet technicians are super knowledgeable and friendly. Test results also come back super quick! My dog was throwing up and having horrible, frequent diarrhea. They recommended a series of testing and I got the results less than 12 hours later! My dog loves the staff at Oshawa Animal Hospital, and I won’t take him anywhere else for treatment! The office is always clean, and I love the staff uniforms. They’re professional looking, while also having a really sharp look. When you see the staff, you know your animal is in a good spot.   5 star Facebook review   January 2017


    Brandon Lynchok 

    What an amazing staff, Austin is a very large cat that does NOT do carriers (so u can imagine the struggle getting him to a vet) but instantly I was greeted with people that had so much care for animals they made our visits comfortable and informative every single time.  5 star Google review   January 2017

    Trevor Wood

    Very nice staff.   5 star Google review   January 2017
    Friendly service and people.. will take their time and give you all the time and space you need if things happen to be bad   5 star Google review   January 2017

    Lina Zatzman

    We have used this animal hospital since 1967 and have seen many vets there. ALL of them have been professional, warm and helpful. and empathetic when it was time to bid goodbye to our various family cats. We would not take our pets anywhere else. 5 star Google review   November 2016


    Jacqueline Barnard

    Had my dog Dagwood put to sleep there they were so comforting about it. Will always remember this place. Most important my dog was comfortable as well R.I.P buddy❤ 5 star Google review   November 2016



    Amazing experience. Highly recommended clinic. 5 star Google review  September 2016

    Frank D’Angelo


    All staff here have always welcomed my family and I and have answered any and all questions or concerns we may have about our dog. They’re all friendly, extremely helpful, as well as very professional. We’ve never looked to any other place when making all decisions when it comes to our Scooby 5 star Google review  August 2016


    M Jay Thompson

    Our 4.5 year old Siamese fell ill suddenly and had to be brought to Oshawa Animal Hospital. Although the outcome was a large tumor in his tummy and ultimately had to be put down that day, this place made the traumatic experience as comfortable as could be and treated Riley amazing, making his last couple hours with us at least comfortable.

    Thanks Oshawa Animal Hospital for being there when we needed you. 5 star Facebook review   August 2016

    Lina Gilis Zatzman

    We have been bringing our various kitties to OAH since 1967. EVERY vet we have met has been kind, compassionate and willing to go the extra mile. I would not go to anyone else. 5 star Facebook review June 2016



    A letter we received from Sydney after her recent stay at The ‘O’ Pet Hotel: Dear: My Friends at Oshawa Animal Hospital I wanted to say thank you for looking after me while my Mommy & Daddy went on holiday to Mexico. I was so excited to spend the week with everyone, I have so many wonderful Mommies’ there to take care of me and give me snuggles and kisses! Thank you Melissa for greeting me at the front door with kisses and hugs, I loved getting such an incredible welcome! To all the ladies who came out to the lobby to greet me; Hilary, Anna, Jessica, Karen, Patricia, Megan V and Melissa, (I hope I’m not forgetting anyone), all that attention could go to a girls head. Thank you ladies for making me the center of attention, you all made me feel very special and loved. Thanks Anna for decorating my kennel door with palm trees so I could feel like I was on holiday with my family! A very big thank you Dr. Janssen for taking me for such a long walk and letting me bring in the stick I found to show all of my friends! I never thought my Doctor would take me for walk and let me bring back a stick! I felt like the luckiest girl to have such a wonderful group of people care for me and make me feel so special and loved. Can’t wait for the next time my family take a holiday so I can spend more time with everyone! Love & kisses, Sydney April 2016



    Jennifer Lynne Liscio

    Amazing staff! Thank you for always taking care of my pets with lots of love! 5 Star Facebook Review  March 2016

    We did not have a regular vet. Our senior cat was dying. Thank you for helping us. This Animal Hospital is beyond professional, they truly care. Thank you for helping us say goodbye to Socrates. 5 Star Facebook Review  March 2016


    Deb Schuh

    We had to say goodbye to our beloved bulldog Daisy. The staff were so compassionate and caring. They offered guidance comfort and support throughout her final journey. We are forever grateful for the final precious moments we had with our girl. 5 Star Facebook Review  March 2016


    Laura Chassé

    Awesome place! Very happy with them. They remember us every time we go! 5 Star Facebook Review   December 2015

    Shannon Childs

    We brought a dog here tonight who had been hit by a car, the staff were incredible to her and really showed they care about animals as they provided care even though the owner was not known. They weren’t worried about the money, they just wanted to ensure the dog was taken care of. The staff at Oshawa animal hospital are kind and truly animal lovers   5 Star Facebook Review   December  2015


    Kaitlyn Mackintosh

    Our 4 year old Golden Doodle had a seizure for the first time yesterday afternoon. After watching my last dog passaway after having a seizure I panicked. Oshawa Animal Hospital was the only nearby vet open and that could take him immediately (other than the emergency clinic). The doctor was so welcoming, informative, caring, compassionate, etc. The vet tech brought him right in a patient room, did the external exam and the doctor came in soon after. She clearly recommended extensive blood work and urinary testing. We got the results back a mere 16 hours later! After receiving a follow-up phone call the next morning, the vet determined he needed medicine immediately and to come in. We spent another 20+ minutes explaining things to us and my mom. She told us what to be aware of and what to do/say if/when it becomes an emergency. Needless to say we will be transfering our dog and 2 cats to this clinic after this wonderful experience during a stressful and tramatic time. 5 star Facebook review  October 2015

    Steph Baker

    The staff are amazing! My kitty Macy is handled with loving arms and patience. The doctors are wonderful and answers any questions you have and the clinic follows up after your appointment to ensure your pet is doing well. Would definitely recommend Oshawa Animal Hospital. 5 star Facebook review  October 2015

    Amanda L. Gilham-Will

    They are very welcoming! They were there when my little 8 pound shorkie was very sick. No one else would take him. The poor guy needed help then and there and these amazing people took him no questions asked. They helped my pup and made us feel so at home. We thank all of you for that!     P.S. Toby is doing wonderful and I have you to thank!   5 star Facebook review  September 2015

    Natasha Aziz

    This clinic was very accommodating when our pup needed a dental extraction. They were able to see us really quickly, the advice was impartial and the price was comparable to other quotes. The best part though was ALL the staff. They were just the best! Highly recommend 🙂 5 star Facebook review  July 2015

    Crystal Fielding

    We recently had to say goodbye to our cat. The whole process of emotionally making that decision was awful, but as soon as I made the call to OAH the support all the staff provided was beyond exceptional. For so many years of bringing Keecha there, I don’t know why I would have expected any less. I have no idea how, with so many clients, they can continually make us feel like we are the only ones they care for. Thank you for being a part of our family, and when we are ready for a new furry addition to the family you are darn right we will be back to see you again! After all the injuries Keecha sustained over the years, I’m proud to say together we gave him the best quality of life right to the end.  5 star Facebook review June 2015

    Nikki Speers-Nevins

    Thank you for the loving care! Everyone working at your animal hospital has a special gift and always makes our pets, our kitty Scholar and our shih-poo Satsuki, feel comfortable and loved! June 2015

    Merissa Mangialaio

    Amazing staff. So warm and welcoming. Proud to take my dog to such a great place! 🙂  5 star Facebook review May 2015

    Dianna McIntyre

    Special thanks from our family to this animal hospital! The staff is outstanding and always makes us and Dublin feel safe and well taken care of! Xo  May 2015

    Debbie Craig

    I take Gump to Oshawa Animal Hospital, they’re amazing. My previous dog had epilepsy and they were so caring and concerned about Tucker each time I had to take him in. When I moved back to the area there was no question who I would entrust Gump’s care to!  May 2015


    Hi, this is dexters dad. I just wanted to thank everyone for the great job they’re doing. It really feels like a family there and I’m so appreciative of the support and care that you have shown my boy over the last week. It has been stressful for me but you have made us feel comfortable and positive every step of the way. He always loves coming in to see everyone… even when he’s not feeling well, and that says a lot. Keep up the outstanding work. Scott   March 2015


    The following note was received after Abby’s stay in our pet hotel: Just a wee note to say how well you folks looked after me while my Mom and Dad were away on vacation. I know I am getting older now and they worry about me. The girls were so kind to me. They put a coat on me when I went outside so I wouldn’t get cold. They took me for lots of walks and even let me roam around inside. Even my doctor looked in on me and I thought that was really nice. Again, Thank you. I know my Mom and Dad missed me very much and I overheard that they are going away in September so I’ll be back again to visit. Thank you for GREAT care. Love, Abby      xx oo       February 2015

    Tracy Gallan

    My dog has never been a fan of a doctors visit ……… Now when I say do you want to see the Dr. He jumps around and can’t wait to get there …… The staff are excellent with him and and guide me through my hardest decisions and never try to pressure me to what they think is best …….Sid and I will never change vets again  5 star Facebook review  February 2015

    James Brinn

    This is what all vets should strive for. Never have they not been pros or loving to there guests  5 star Facebook review  February 2015

    Claudette Hirschfeld 

    Spike was treated like a queen and we felt so relieved after the doctor saw her and kept in touch with us to make sure our beardie was well  5 star Facebook review  January 2015

    Missy-May Galbraith

    My baby girl, Abbie-Rose, was spayed at this animal hospital and they did an amazing job! She doesn’t even have any sign of a scar. Although I’m always nervous when she gets needles, the staff is so trusting! Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for Abbie Galbraith 🙂 5 star Facebook review  January 2015

    Lisa Ferguson

    Amazing! Patients and their humans are always welcome!! December 2014

    Mario Ciardullo

    We had a very sick puppy, and thought that we would lose her. The entire staff at Oshawa Animal Hospital went way above and beyond to take care of our little Ginny. At the same time they also took care of five worried pet owners. We take our three dogs, Bella, Gus and Ginny to O.A.H. and they receive the best of care. I recommend them to everyone. 5 star Facebook Review  December 2014


    Nancy Pearson Kirbyson

    Doctor Dorland and staff are amazing and they truly care about your pet. Thank you so much for your excellent care and have a Very Merry Christmas and an absolutely fabulous New Year. 5 star Facebook Review  December 2014


    Sandra Matthews-Fessler

    We recently had to put our little guy of 14 1/2 years down and I was impressed with our treatment through one of the hardest decision we had to make. Everyone was so professional and helped us through the process as comfortable as possible when you lose a pet. Would highly recommend to my friends if they ever have to go through this process. Thank you. 5 star Facebook Review   November 2014

    Alannah States

    We took our dog in for an emergency visit, after coming home to vitamin D pills and a mangled bottle on the floor. Other vets I called first in the area were no help. Oshawa Animal Hospital told us to bring her in right away, as vitamin d can be poisonous to dogs in high doses. The facility was very clean with friendly, professional technicians. They explained everything to us very well and made us aware of any costs before proceeding.  The vet was very good too!   5 Star Google review  October 2014



    Cathy Toszegi


    Happy Vet Tech week to the best in the business! Thanks for always taking such good care of Charlie. You are the reason he loves going to the Vet.   October 2014



    Melissa Breanne

    The prices are worth the amazing staff and service my girls get from them. I have 2 girls, Journey and Angel… They both love the attention they get (after their needles of course!). Just leaves you feeling comfortable and confident in the choice of vet care you choose! Way to go, staff! Keep up the hard work.. It pays off with the waggy tails 🙂  September 2014


    Heather Kalka

    Very professional and knowledgeable.  I LOVE all the little touches to detail from vet care staff to reception!!! HIGHLY recommend!  September 2014



    Kirstyn Abramczuk 

    I would definitely recommend the Oshawa Animal Hospital to anyone looking for excellent care for their pets. They have been super helpful and very accommodating. The staff is really friendly and do everything they can so that you and your pet are as comfortable as possible.  5 star Facebook Review   June 2014


    Abigail Kitney

    “Thank you” for the great care that I received while my Mom and Dad were away on holidays. I’m especially grateful for the sensitivity care I received when you noticed that being with other dogs in the run area was too much for me. I am getting older now and I like  my less hurry lifestyle and I want you to know how much I appreciated you moving me to my own kennel. Thank you for my walks. My Mom always takes me for walks and I just love them. When I get tired Mom just sits on the side of the road with me. You ALL made me feel special and I wanted to let you know, Mom and Dad hate to leave me but I told them not to worry that you guys would look after me. And oh yes….my day at the SPA… wow…that was great. I felt so much better!!! Thank you for looking after me.   May 2014

    Robin and Jeremy Young

    We truly appreciate the care received from Dr. Dorland and her team. Especially with the care of our cat Xena in her senior years and now Lucy and Max in their junior ones 🙂   April 2014

    Joanne Margison

    Just wanted to say thanks for the screensaver of Olive to watch while Olive and I were waiting for her appointment. On top of the excellent medical care you have provided us over the years you continue to surprise us in a good way. Aside from all the big stuff you guys do, these small things mean a lot too….I was totally impressed, as were the people I spoke to about it after. You continue to be #1 for us and I’m sure many other clients.  March 2014

    Nicole Pardo

    Dr. Dorland and staff are absolutely amazing with our Doberman pup, Adobe! They have made it such a positive experience and place for him. He goes bananas as soon as he gets in the parking lot and can’t wait to get in and see all of his friends! Dr. Dorland took the time to research a condition specific to Blue Dobermans for us which really meant a lot! 🙂 So glad we chose you all to bring Adobe to!   March 2014

    Jennifer Fowler

    We are so lucky to have had the wonderful staff at the Oshawa Animal Hospital care for our Lucy.  Lucy received the best care and always enjoyed her visits.  February 2014


    Jacqueline Macnally

    Great Hospital…awesome, friendly people and excellent care for my best buddy Oscar 🙂  February 2014


    Katie Jane Vetzal

    Dr Dorland and staff are wonderful with our Boston “Bosley”. Very caring and always have our best interests at heart. Have sent many a friend and family their way.  January 2014


    Jenny Linda

    I brought my sick baby guinea pig here on very short notice, and the staff and doctor were so accommodating and helpful.   I was very impressed with how well they treated my little pig and how the thorough the doctor was. I highly recommend Oshawa Animal Hospital.  January 2014


    Dawn Hogarth

    Best clinic with the best vets and support staff.  I had to find a new clinic a few years ago so I asked numerous pet owners and the list was narrowed down to a couple with this clinic coming out on top with no negative feedback.  Without n…otice, I dropped in, had a full tour and was so impressed with the staff and facility that I made arrangements to transfer the records of my 6 pets that day.   Can’t say enough and highly recommend Oshawa Animal Hospital to everyone.   December 2013


    James E Needham

    Lex was not feeling 100% and the staff were very good and kind towards me and lex we both thank you very much for our first visit Nov. 1.   November 2013


    Steve Horgan


    Our Rainbow Lory (parrot) loved his visit there, and the new (bird) friend he made at the front door.  Thanks for the card!!  He has his own FB page if you wanna “friend” him 🙂   “Zakky Roy”